Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine: Sex and Gender Quiz

We all want a better world, a fairer world, and a larger voice in the world we inhabit. A big piece of the change has to come from inside us: we have to accept truths. That’s not hard if you believe that facts are, in fact, facts. Here is a fact: almost everything you were taught in school was skewed towards making you think that sex exists to have babies and that everyone is supposed to grow up cisgendered. Factually, that’s ridiculous!

We must replace ALL the ideologies and mythologies with factologies.

Turns out that most authority figures in society were just ignorantly mouthing unexamined mythologies about things like sexual orientation, gender identity, even sexual function without ever asking “is that really true?” We must replace ALL the ideologies and mythologies with Factologies — theories and insights built on truths, whether they derive from scientific studies or from the personal experiences of those who actually LIVE their orientation/identity/choices, and have plenty to say about it that you can’t even find in books.

I cannot represent anyone but myself and my own uniquely un-label-able existence. But I do have all kinds of facts in my bag to help every adult who wants to build their own path to Factology. This quiz avoids the politics and focuses on the facts about the sexual anatomy of different bodies. Learn what luscious gifts every adult brings to the sexual table and get answers to questions you’ve been too shy to ask your friends. My new quiz will test your understandings of how differently- gendered bodies work, what various labels mean, how an adult’s genitals look after Sexual Reassignment Surgeries, and the capacities all humans have for sexual joy, regardless of gender identity.


Sex and Gender

Which of the following are common to both the penis and the clitoris?
What happens to the vagina when a fertile woman doesn’t have intercourse for periods of time?
After sex reassignment surgery for male-to-female what does a transwoman have between her legs?
After sex reassignment surgery for female-to-male what does a transman have between his legs?
A new partner says they are Intersexed.  What does this mean?
What happens to the penis when a man doesn't have erections for a long period of time?
When we are in the womb, how do we start out, sexually speaking?
Which part of the body is the most like to respond to erotic stimulation regardless of gender?
Which gender is fertile for life?
What does Agender mean?


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