QUIZ: Guess These Rare Fetishes

How many fetishes do you know? If you can name more than two dozen, you are a champ! But did you know that’s still just a drop in the big bucket of fetishes around the world? Nobody really knows how many fetishes exist, and they never will since old fetishes vanish and new fetishes come along as fashion and technology change. At present, there are hundreds of documented fetishes and tens of millions, may even hundreds, of millions of people seeking out fetish porn.

The variety of fetish interests is stunning. Feet, lingerie, leather, spanking…even Swiss cheese slices. I’ve written copiously over the years about fetishes both mundane and mystifying, but when I went searching for the latest and greatest compilations of fetishes to create this quiz, I was amazed to see how many new terms have been added over the years.

Now it’s your turn!

Guess These Rare Fetishes

How many of these can you figure out? I made it hard enough for even the most sophisticated sexplorer is bound to be stumped on some of these.


Question 1


Question 2


Question 3


Question 4


Question 5


Question 6


Question 7


Question 8


Question 9


Question 10