Deep Diving Vagina Quiz!

You may think you know the vagina — but are you really a connoisseur of the female sex?

Take this quiz to see how many of the terms you know and whether you have a good grasp on the facts about that most powerful of female organs. Good luck and happy vagina-diving.


Question 1

How often should a woman use douche to clean her vagina?

Question 2

What are the origins of the word pudenda?

Question 3

How much vaginal discharge do women of reproductive age typically release every day?

Question 4

What is a vagina?

Question 5

How many nerve endings are there in the clitoris?

Question 6

What is a vulva?

Question 7

Do women have the same size clitoris in old age as they do when they are young?

Question 8

How large is a vagina "at rest" (when not being penetrated)?

Question 9

Which of the following objects best describes a vagina?

Question 10

What is a pudenda?