Poll Sextravaganza — How Do You Measure Up?

GROWING is SO exciting! Just launched today, some new polling software that I was hungering for…um, like, my whole adult life! 🙂 In the next couple of weeks, I’ll do polls on scores of questions about your sex habits and choices. Relax: I guarantee your total anonymity on these. The data will not be used for…


We all do it. And most of us lie about it. We lie to our partners, our friends and ourselves. It’s as if an instinctive sense of shame or embarrassment gets so deep a grip on us that we can barely control the words that come out, even when we know we’re outright lying. Masturbation…

Make Your Date Night New and Memorable

You finally cleared your calendar, cleared your house, and cleared your life enough to have some precious time all alone with your special sexy someone. Yay, you! Those nights or weekends of coupled bliss can be hard to come by if you have kids or careers or both. But now that you’ve made that effort,…

How To Heal Your Heart After Your BFF Breaks It

Breaking up with your best friend is like a knife in the heart. Here’s advice on how to heal.

Resolve to End A Toxic Relationship If You See These 7 Signs

Make the healthiest resolution you can for 2017: Resolve to end an abusive relationship.