Assess Your Sexual Fitness

Sexual Fitness is when your body is in prime shape for good sexual blood-flow, good arousal, good performance and deeply satisfying orgasms. Sexual Fitness at every age has been scientifically linked to human longevity. The importance of sexual fitness can’t be overstated.

Looking at all the science in diverse fields, it’s become glaringly clear that sexual health and fitness correlate with a long and very healthy life. We think that watching our weight and getting to the gym is important, but downplay the reality that unless your genitals are as fit and healthy as the rest of your body, you are at higher risk for heart problems, stress-related illness, and sexual dysfunction. Finally, Sexual Fitness means that you are making the most out of the body you have and reaping the benefits of the brain chemistry that heal and refresh the human body.

Take this self-assessment survey to grade yourself and find out how you rank. At the end, you’ll be shown how you did and pick up some tips on improvements you could make.


Sexual Fitness Quiz

How often do you have sexual activity (of any kind) with a partner?
How much sex do you wish you were having with a partner?
Which is the following most accurate describes your usual masturbatory habits
Does masturbating arouse you as much as sex with a partner?
How often do you have orgasms from partnered sex?
How often do you have orgasms from masturbation?
Are you satisfied with the intensity of your orgasms?
Do you do pelvic-floor-strengthening exercises, like Kegels or squat-thrusts?
How do you feel about touching every part of your body, both front and back?
Have you ever looked at your own genitals, clear up to the butt, in a mirror?
How long does it take you to get into the mood when your partner gives you the look of lust?
Are you happy with your own sexual performance and responses during sex?
How much variety do you like in bed?
Do you have a lot of sex fantasies?
How do you deal with the risk of sexually transmitted infections from a new partner?